Livraison GRATUITE à partir de $70.00 d'achat pour la france . Des offres avec des réductions allant jusqu'à 70% tout au long de l'année.

Shipping Policy

Our offices are located in Isère, France. Our warehouses as well as those of our suppliers are located in different countries.

We deliver to the following countries:
France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Monaco
The delivery time is 3 to 21 working days on average, after processing your order. Delivery times are specified in the sheet of each product. For some products, we deliver in less than a week.
Most of our products have a tracking number. Some smaller products unfortunately do not have one.

However, whether or not your product has a tracking number, our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You are therefore covered and protected from any risk

We are a small company and we take care of every customer. We make sure for each order that it is well prepared. By doing so we know that when you receive your product, you will be fully satisfied and that is what matters most to us.

In any case, if you do not receive your item within 30 days then we will refund you in full and you can keep the item when you receive it.
We work with several suppliers, when you place an order, each supplier is responsible for their particular products.

Example 1:
Our products are shipped separately according to your order. If this contains, for example, articles from two different warehouses, there will therefore be two deliveries. The rest of the order will most certainly arrive shortly.

Example 2
If you order 5 different items, you will therefore receive up to 5 different packages and these will arrive at different times (some will be faster, some will be slower). On the other hand, if you order the same product 5 times, then they will all be sent in a single package.

Your items are delivered via different carriers or your local post service depending on your order.

For any questions you can contact us by email:

Notre équipe est à votre disposition pour toute question sur nos articles ou votre commande.
La gestion de vos paiements en ligne sont 100% sécurisés
Nos délais de livraison sont de 3 à 7 jours pour la France de 1 à 2 semaines pour l'Europe et de 2 à 4 semaines pour le reste du monde.
Nous proposons le Satisfait ou Remboursé pendant 14 jours après réception des articles !

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